Monday, August 29, 2016

Stirring the Waters of Healing

An awakening has started at the Vineyard again!  The sleepiness is being shaken off and the Holy Spirit is stirring the waters of healing again.  God is so good!  He is so faithful!  He is greatly to be praised!

Sunday we witnessed truly miraculous things.  Here are a few highlights:

BLOWN AWAY!!! A lady was healed of blindness!  She was born completely blind.  When she was young, she was prayed for and received 40% vision in her right eye and could only see light in her left eye.  She received prayer again this past Sunday and received more healing.  She is now able to see colors and outlines in her left eye as well.  She was saying things like, "That man right there is wearing a red shirt" . . . "I see that lady and she is wearing a white shirt!"  People began crying and jumping in celebration!  

A lady's hearing restored 100%!  She said her hearing was about at 10% before prayer.  Her famous words used to be "what??" and she had to learn to read lips.  As soon as she was healed, she was startled causing her to jump, because the noise in the sanctuary was so loud!!!!!  Funny side note- one of those praying for her turned his back on her and began walking away.  With his back turned he began asking her, "Can you hear me?"  She would respond in the affirmative.  Then he whispered, "Alphabet soup."  She said, "Alphabet soup??? Did you just say alphabet soup???  She turned to look at him and was shocked to see how far away he was! 

Multiple people reported their hearing restored 75%!  My own dad was one of those.  His hearing was so bad that I couldn't call to talk to him on the phone (even with hearing aids).  I needed to either talk to him in person or have my mom communicate what I needed to say to him.  Well, today he isn't wearing his hearing aids!!!

These people walked away in awe of Jesus.  Well, let's be real . . . everyone who witnessed it walked away in awe!!!

Come again, Holy Spirit!  We wait with breathless anticipation!