Thursday, April 28, 2016

"The New Normal"

A few days ago my husband woke up with a pinch in his shoulder.  His first reaction?  Don’t take Advil and have me pray for it.  My first reaction?  Your pain is from all the landscaping we did yesterday… go take an Advil and deal with it (basically, stop being a baby).  Ha!  I, of course, did not say that out loud.  I said, “Sure!  Let’s get the kids to pray with us.”  We all circled around him and prayed the simplest prayer: “Come, Holy Spirit.  Pain, go!”  The whole time I am thinking, “Lord, thank You that this isn’t dependent on me, because my heart is grumbling.”  I told him to test his shoulder and the pinch was gone!

The power is His.  The glory is His.  I just get to be a witness to His goodness.  Why do we choose to look any other way?  I am not saying that there isn’t a time and place for doctors and medicine.  I am saying we should look to Him first.  “The new normal”… that’s what Dino calls it.  We are in a season where the Lord is near and prayers for healing are answered quickly.  Our challenge is to not only use this secret weapon FIRST, but also pick it up expecting it to make mountains move! 

Praying and seeing healing happen is our “new normal.”  And don’t worry  . . . clearly it isn’t dependent upon us being perfect, because just look what God did despite my own reticence.  Leave the results up to God!  He’s much better at it anyway.

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