Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Gentle Healer

There are so many facets of the Holy Spirit ... Comforter, Advocate, Revealer, Teacher, Convicter, Intercessor, Guide ... the list goes on and on. Sometimes He comes in like a raging flame that consumes us as we fall to our knees in His presence (Hebrews 12:28-29). At other times, He is a like a dove coming softly and gently (Luke 3:21-22). As we spend more time with Him, the Holy Spirit reveals himself to us in each of these amazing splendors. I want to know all of these!

Last Sunday, the Holy Spirit came as Healer. He came both as a raging fire and a gentle dove.  I'll share one of the many healings that happened:

Liz came forward seeking healing for a bladder/kidney infection that was still lingering after taking a full regimen of medication. As we prayed, the Holy Spirit showed up and revealed himself as the Gentle Healer. Liz felt His hand come upon her like a soft and weighty presence. We prayed for both her right and left side (she was experiencing pain on both sides) ... each time tenderly touched by the Holy Spirit.

Liz walked away not only healed, but overcome by the gentleness of His touch.

We love Your Presence, Abba!  We want to know You ... every facet of your beauty!  In the words of John Wimber, "Come, Holy Spirit!"

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