Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Stopping for the One Part II

God is actively putting people in our path.  Do you see them?  Are you willing to  have your agenda interrupted?  I want to share a couple of stories from our body.  These are true stories that happened within the past week.  Be encouraged to listen to that small voice and "stop for the one God puts in front of you."  All He needs is a willing heart and He will do the rest.

Chris' Story:
Chris was enjoying some down time at home when his wife calls him on the phone saying that his eye doctor had called her to let her know that Chris' safety glasses were ready to be picked up.  Chris hadn't planned on leaving the house at all that day, but decided to go get them.  As he was driving down the road he could see something in the middle of the road in the distance.  He saw it move from the middle of the road to the side as he got closer.  It was a little baby boy in a white shirt and diaper!  He didn't know what to do at first, but he knew that he couldn't leave him on the side of the road.  He rolled down the window and asked the little boy where he lived.  The little boy isn't much older than Chris' son, Anakin, so all he could say was something about his mommy.  Chris looked at the house he was in front of and noticed that the front door was open.  Chris told the little boy to go back inside if that was his house.  The little boy started walking towards the house, but Chris felt like he needed to go make sure that no one was inside needing medical attention and also to make sure the little boy wasn't home alone.  He gets to the front door and calls out, "HELLO!"  There was a huge pit bull laying at the door, but it didn't get up.  Phew!  The boy's mom must have heard Chris call out, because she came to the door.  Chris explained what had happened and she was relieved that he had sent her little boy back home.  Since the boy was safely inside, Chris leaves and continues to go to the eye doctor to pick up his safety glasses.  Once there, he requests his glasses and the office staff was really confused.  They didn't have any glasses ready for him!  They finally found a pair for his wife Ryan, but she had already picked up her pair last week.  They had ordered her a second set accidentally! 

WOW, GOD!  Chris wouldn't have left home if it weren't for the mistake and he would never have seen that little boy.  God sent someone to rescue the one lost . . . literally.

Amy's Story:
Amy was in line checking out at Target when she thought, "Ok, Lord.  What are you doing here and who do you want to speak to?"  The Lord highlighted the lady in front of her with kids.  She heard the name Emily and that she was a good mom.  So, Amy asked the lady in front of her if she knew an Emily.  The lady said that her name was Emily!!!!  Amy was blown away and proceeded to share what God had shown her.  

I bet that lady cannot doubt the love of the Father!  All it came down to was "obedience and a willingness to risk."

"This is my command -- be strong and courageous!  Do not be afraid or discouraged.  For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9

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