Monday, August 29, 2016

Stirring the Waters of Healing

An awakening has started at the Vineyard again!  The sleepiness is being shaken off and the Holy Spirit is stirring the waters of healing again.  God is so good!  He is so faithful!  He is greatly to be praised!

Sunday we witnessed truly miraculous things.  Here are a few highlights:

BLOWN AWAY!!! A lady was healed of blindness!  She was born completely blind.  When she was young, she was prayed for and received 40% vision in her right eye and could only see light in her left eye.  She received prayer again this past Sunday and received more healing.  She is now able to see colors and outlines in her left eye as well.  She was saying things like, "That man right there is wearing a red shirt" . . . "I see that lady and she is wearing a white shirt!"  People began crying and jumping in celebration!  

A lady's hearing restored 100%!  She said her hearing was about at 10% before prayer.  Her famous words used to be "what??" and she had to learn to read lips.  As soon as she was healed, she was startled causing her to jump, because the noise in the sanctuary was so loud!!!!!  Funny side note- one of those praying for her turned his back on her and began walking away.  With his back turned he began asking her, "Can you hear me?"  She would respond in the affirmative.  Then he whispered, "Alphabet soup."  She said, "Alphabet soup??? Did you just say alphabet soup???  She turned to look at him and was shocked to see how far away he was! 

Multiple people reported their hearing restored 75%!  My own dad was one of those.  His hearing was so bad that I couldn't call to talk to him on the phone (even with hearing aids).  I needed to either talk to him in person or have my mom communicate what I needed to say to him.  Well, today he isn't wearing his hearing aids!!!

These people walked away in awe of Jesus.  Well, let's be real . . . everyone who witnessed it walked away in awe!!!

Come again, Holy Spirit!  We wait with breathless anticipation!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Gabriel and Musica's Story

"Yesterday at Bane's endocrinologist appointment, I was reminded of one of God's greatest miracles in my life. The doctor asked about Bane's galactosemia, and without any thought I simply stated that he didn't have it anymore. She looked stunned and said, "What do you mean? That doesn't make any sense". That's when I remembered that there is no known cure for galactosemia. It is a genetic disorder that you have to live with for the rest of your life, but there I was...holding my baby boy who didn't have it anymore. Her reaction was similar to the reaction that Bane's geneticists had when they told us that Bane no longer had galactosemia. They had no explanation because they did not understand how it happened, but the answer is simple...GOD. The endocrinologist's disbelief strengthened my faith in God's power and love for his children. God healed Bane, and I will never let myself forget about that blessing again.
And the reason why God healed him... We never prayed and asked for him to be healed. When we first started to attend the Vineyard my husband prayed and asked for a sign. He asked God to let us know if the Vineyard is where we belong and isn't corrupted. A week later we found out that Bane no longer had galactosemia! It was the best response/sign EVER."

~Musica Panelli

Thursday, April 28, 2016

"The New Normal"

A few days ago my husband woke up with a pinch in his shoulder.  His first reaction?  Don’t take Advil and have me pray for it.  My first reaction?  Your pain is from all the landscaping we did yesterday… go take an Advil and deal with it (basically, stop being a baby).  Ha!  I, of course, did not say that out loud.  I said, “Sure!  Let’s get the kids to pray with us.”  We all circled around him and prayed the simplest prayer: “Come, Holy Spirit.  Pain, go!”  The whole time I am thinking, “Lord, thank You that this isn’t dependent on me, because my heart is grumbling.”  I told him to test his shoulder and the pinch was gone!

The power is His.  The glory is His.  I just get to be a witness to His goodness.  Why do we choose to look any other way?  I am not saying that there isn’t a time and place for doctors and medicine.  I am saying we should look to Him first.  “The new normal”… that’s what Dino calls it.  We are in a season where the Lord is near and prayers for healing are answered quickly.  Our challenge is to not only use this secret weapon FIRST, but also pick it up expecting it to make mountains move! 

Praying and seeing healing happen is our “new normal.”  And don’t worry  . . . clearly it isn’t dependent upon us being perfect, because just look what God did despite my own reticence.  Leave the results up to God!  He’s much better at it anyway.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Gentle Healer

There are so many facets of the Holy Spirit ... Comforter, Advocate, Revealer, Teacher, Convicter, Intercessor, Guide ... the list goes on and on. Sometimes He comes in like a raging flame that consumes us as we fall to our knees in His presence (Hebrews 12:28-29). At other times, He is a like a dove coming softly and gently (Luke 3:21-22). As we spend more time with Him, the Holy Spirit reveals himself to us in each of these amazing splendors. I want to know all of these!

Last Sunday, the Holy Spirit came as Healer. He came both as a raging fire and a gentle dove.  I'll share one of the many healings that happened:

Liz came forward seeking healing for a bladder/kidney infection that was still lingering after taking a full regimen of medication. As we prayed, the Holy Spirit showed up and revealed himself as the Gentle Healer. Liz felt His hand come upon her like a soft and weighty presence. We prayed for both her right and left side (she was experiencing pain on both sides) ... each time tenderly touched by the Holy Spirit.

Liz walked away not only healed, but overcome by the gentleness of His touch.

We love Your Presence, Abba!  We want to know You ... every facet of your beauty!  In the words of John Wimber, "Come, Holy Spirit!"

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Stopping for the One Part II

God is actively putting people in our path.  Do you see them?  Are you willing to  have your agenda interrupted?  I want to share a couple of stories from our body.  These are true stories that happened within the past week.  Be encouraged to listen to that small voice and "stop for the one God puts in front of you."  All He needs is a willing heart and He will do the rest.

Chris' Story:
Chris was enjoying some down time at home when his wife calls him on the phone saying that his eye doctor had called her to let her know that Chris' safety glasses were ready to be picked up.  Chris hadn't planned on leaving the house at all that day, but decided to go get them.  As he was driving down the road he could see something in the middle of the road in the distance.  He saw it move from the middle of the road to the side as he got closer.  It was a little baby boy in a white shirt and diaper!  He didn't know what to do at first, but he knew that he couldn't leave him on the side of the road.  He rolled down the window and asked the little boy where he lived.  The little boy isn't much older than Chris' son, Anakin, so all he could say was something about his mommy.  Chris looked at the house he was in front of and noticed that the front door was open.  Chris told the little boy to go back inside if that was his house.  The little boy started walking towards the house, but Chris felt like he needed to go make sure that no one was inside needing medical attention and also to make sure the little boy wasn't home alone.  He gets to the front door and calls out, "HELLO!"  There was a huge pit bull laying at the door, but it didn't get up.  Phew!  The boy's mom must have heard Chris call out, because she came to the door.  Chris explained what had happened and she was relieved that he had sent her little boy back home.  Since the boy was safely inside, Chris leaves and continues to go to the eye doctor to pick up his safety glasses.  Once there, he requests his glasses and the office staff was really confused.  They didn't have any glasses ready for him!  They finally found a pair for his wife Ryan, but she had already picked up her pair last week.  They had ordered her a second set accidentally! 

WOW, GOD!  Chris wouldn't have left home if it weren't for the mistake and he would never have seen that little boy.  God sent someone to rescue the one lost . . . literally.

Amy's Story:
Amy was in line checking out at Target when she thought, "Ok, Lord.  What are you doing here and who do you want to speak to?"  The Lord highlighted the lady in front of her with kids.  She heard the name Emily and that she was a good mom.  So, Amy asked the lady in front of her if she knew an Emily.  The lady said that her name was Emily!!!!  Amy was blown away and proceeded to share what God had shown her.  

I bet that lady cannot doubt the love of the Father!  All it came down to was "obedience and a willingness to risk."

"This is my command -- be strong and courageous!  Do not be afraid or discouraged.  For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9

Friday, February 26, 2016

Stopping for the One

God is so amazing.  The way He weaves a story and opens doors is simply beautiful.  No man can take credit for it, because there is no way we could ever orchestrate the events I am about to share.  

Dino and Kris have been sharing for weeks now that many of us think evangelism has to look a certain way, when in reality we are overcomplicating it.  It's simply stopping for the one that God puts in front of you.  Our job is simply to open our eyes to the people around us and "always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have." (1 Peter 3:15)

Here is a church member's testimony about stopping for the one . . . or in his case, God using creative means to get him to stop for the one (I'll call him Mr. B):

Mr. B was on his way to church last Sunday when his car ran out of gas in front of a house. An older lady came outside to see if he needed any help.  She kindly offered to take him to get gas for his vehicle.  During the course of their interaction, Mr. B mentioned that he was on his way to church.  They got to talking and the lady revealed that she had been wanting to get back to church, but it had been a long time.  Mr. B invited the lady to Vineyard and surprisingly she said, "Yes!"  Can you imagine meeting a complete stranger and agreeing to go to church with them the same day?  God was on the move.  This sweet, kind lady was moved by the power of the Holy Spirit and rededicated her life to the Lord!
God is drawing hearts.  We are in the midst of something really beautiful in regards to the move of the Spirit here at the Lafayette Vineyard.  Don't be surprised when strangers are drawn to you unexplainably . . . it's not you, it's what is inside of you . . . the Holy Spirit . . . and He wants to do something MIRACULOUS!!!