Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Don't Give Up and Conference Healings (Dec 11-13)

I am amazed by God's timing...alright, maybe sometimes I think it takes a little too long. Ultimately, He is never late. Maybe you have been struggling with the same sickness for years even. What is your job? To continue praying and seeking Him about it indefinitely.  Our understanding of the Father's timing is limited. Many have tried to justify delayed healing with reasoning that is often harmful to the individual ... "You must be living in sin" or "You don't have enough faith."  This leaves them feeling hopeless, judged, and defeated. This is simply not true. 

Jesus doesn't know the "day or the hour" of His return ... only the Father. Our job in the waiting? To be a vigilant watchman.  People have been waiting over 2,000 years for His return and yet they haven't stopped believing the truth that HE WILL RETURN. 

So you've asked for prayer for the same thing every Sunday for months????? The family member you have been praying to be saved for over 20 years still doesn't know Jesus????? Let me ask you this: Is Jesus coming back? Absolutely. Do you know when? Nope. Does that make the truth any less real?  No??? Then let me challenge you to keep pressing in.  Keep knocking. Keep asking. The door may open tomorrow or it could still be years away.  Truth doesn't change while waiting ... only we do.

Conference Healings (Dec 11-13)
*Dino was healed of ringing in his ears that he has struggled with for years. 
*Marcus was healed of shoulder pain that he has had for years. 
*Mike was healed of ringing in his ears. 

If you don't see your healing from the conference, please email it to and we will update the list.